Hydrothermal Waste Treatment System in Japan (Shinko)

Chiba, Japan, Sept. 12 – Today the final commissioning activities of the hydrothermal waste treatment skid built by CNI were carried out in Chiba, Japan.

CNI has worked on this EPC project for the past months, starting from a finished principle FEEDs on a module basis. The waste treatment plants – which apply this technology – use high pressure/temperature (25 barG/ 225 Celcius degree) to convert organic waste to fertilizer or solid fuel compatible to brown coal.

During the time in Japan, the CNI team has conducted the assisted the customer with startup activities and participated in ramp-up, optimization and performance testing. Shinko, our valued client, also demonstrated the skid using this technology today in the presence of Chiba’s officials and citizens.

Investor: Shinko

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