Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province10th of March, 2018 - The filling process on the 7.3-hectare site is entering its final stage, which will lay a base of approximately 200,000m3 of sand when finished. The company's board is considering an updated plan to boost the speed so that the factory would go into operation in August instead of December as previously planned. 

In order to take the full advantage of the new factory, CNI also invested a 5,000-ton dishing press which will be imported from Korea and installed at the Nhon Trach factory. Meanwhile, the relocation of the 3,600Mt and 1,500Mt presses to the new location will take place after the fabrication stage of the ongoing Hoa Phat project. 

About the CNI factory in Nhon Trach

Located about 50km southeast of the CNI head office in the heart Ho Chi Minh City, the site has a direct access to Long Tau River, which would enable easy maritime transport. To know more about the CNI factory in Nhon Trach, please read here.

CNI (CN Industrial Co.) is a Vietnam's leading engineering and construction company in Pressure Vessels and Complete Integrated Pressure Systems,

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