Pressure Vessel

Design Code: ASME, Section VIII, Divisions 1 & 2
Fluid: liquid LPG/NH3 tanks, gaseous buffer tanks for N2, O2, Argon, air,...
Capacity/ Shape/ Design Pressure/ Temperature: per client's requirements

CNI is the only company in Vietnam to be able to design and fabricate spherical tanks. We have manufactured spherical tanks up to 4500m3, 32 barG. The company’s current market share in spherical vessel field is approximately 70%.

CNI is the record holder of the biggest bullet tanks to have been fabricated in Vietnam. We have manufactured cylindrical tanks up to 750m3, 18 barG.


LPG/Air Mixing System

CNI is among very few companies in Vietnam which are able to design and fabricate gas mixers which blend LPG vapor with air at a designated ratio to produce a mixture for equally replacing natural gas (e.g.: CSVC, Samsung Q9, Catalan, Năng Lượng GE) or coke gas (e.g. Formosa).

Generally, we can blend several gas components to get a mixture with a designated ratio.


Skid Mounting System

CNI has experience in fabricating PRU units used to reduce the pressure of the compressed natural gas from the high pressure of 200 – 250 barG to the customers’ desired pressure (usually 1-3bar). The system includes pressure-adjusting, monitoring, filtering, heat exchanging equipment.

CNI has built the first CNG bus filling station in Vietnam for PetroVietnam Gas South.

As an EPC contractor, CNI has experience in building gas treatment skids which treat natural gas condition prior to a turbine compressor inlet, including gas heating, solid particle filtering, liquid scrubbing and pressure regulating.


LPG/Ammoniac Vaporizer

CNI provides EPC package of mechanical and control design, mechanical fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchanging internals and their final installation including commissioning of control items.

Project: Formosa, CSVC, Đức Giang, etc.
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Project: CSVC, Samsung, Catalan, etc.
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Hydrothermal System

CNI has finished principle FEEDs on a module basis, which can be applied to build hydrothermal plants. These plants use high pressure/temperature (25 barG/ 225 Celsius degree) to convert organic waste to fertilizer or solid fuel compatible to brown coal.

Our first achievement on this new application is an EPC contract to design and fabricate a complete pilot skid, including the reactor, the steam boiler and the full-control system. The skid has been exported to Japan for demonstrating the hydrothermal technology.


Pressure Fluid Tanker

As one of very few Vietnam Register authorized manufacturers of pressure fluid carrying tankers, CNI has built LPG/Ammoniac tankers either on a fixed cabin + chassis or a trailer (towed by tractors). Among those companies, we hold the largest number of VR certificates for Safety, Quality & Environment Protection.


Cryogenic Vessel

CNI was the PC contractor for a 10m3 cryogenic vessel containing LN2, installed in Ca Mau fertilizer plant of Petro Vietnam. We anticipate obtaining more orders on portable cryogenic vessels for industrial gas.

Non-Pressure Tanker

CNI has been the PC contractor for non-pressure tankers built on API 650 standard, for instance, 01 x 15,000m3 + 02 x 10,000 m3 (Petimex), 02 x 5,000m3 (Saigon Petro) and many other firefighting water tanks.

Piping System

CNI has been the PC contractor for the above ground pipe systems of CSVC, Messer Hải Dương,… and the underground pipe systems at the AB Inbev Brewery. The systems include carbon steel pipes (SA 106, Gr. B, SA53, API 5L,…) and stainless steel pipes (SA/A 312, Gr.Tp 304 & 316).

Steel Structure

CNI was the subcontractor to build 03 parts of the off-shore platform in Tam Dao 05 project.