CNI is committed to constantly delivering an excellent quality performance and safety. With this in mind, our QA/QC system is effectively established and put into practice to meet the requirements of our esteemed clients and international standards.

There has been no claim or an incident caused by our products since CNI inception. We strive to keep the excellent quality performance and safety by maintaining the following practices:

QA/ QC System

Standards: The QA/QC system adheres to the ASME Code and the ISO 9001:2015 to ensure quality certainty.

Scope: The QA/ QC system is implemented and strictly enforced at all of the operating locations, including the Head Office, workshops and sites.

QC Manual: The QC manual was approved by the ASME in 2012 and adapted in 2015. It governs all CNI's production activities from design to final commissioning, regardless of items are coded or code intent.

QC Inspectors: Our QC inspectors have a wide range of responsibilities in checking, supervising and approving all stages. They shall report directly to the Quality Control Manager who is granted to stop production at any stage where he found any nonconformity to the Code and client's requirements.

Testing: We hire qualified NDE subcontractors and metallurgical laboratories to carry out NDE. All NDE equipment used in the measuring/testing shall be maintained and calibrated in accordance with ASME-approved QC Manual. All NDE procedures shall be submitted to the Authorized Inspector.

Third Party: We work under international reputable third parties who review and supervise the production from checking inlet materials to final completion due to Traveller, ITP and QC forms with total conformity to the ASME code.

QA/QC Organization Chart

QA/ QC System 1