HSE stewardship is a principle commitment at CN Industrial Co. Our safety, health and environmental excellence is a fundamental factor in our long-term success. Therefore, we affirm to all our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, shareholders, and the public, that we shall continually improve the quality of our services and products while protecting people and the environment.

The improvements in our practices will be carried out in light of advances in technology and new understandings in safety, health and environmental science. We will make consistent,  measurable progress in implementing this commitment throughout our operations at any locations.

By ensuring these following practices, we strive to maintain the top-notch quality without compromising any benefits and security of our staff and the society.

Strive for the excellence in HSE

Set quality and HSE objectives with measurable parameters;
Improve processes, products, and services through the use of an effective management system;
Regulate strict maintenance & inspection requirements of facilities;
Organize periodical training courses for labor safety, firefighting & environmental protection performance for our staff;
Regulate to manage our staff’s firefighting, labor security & environment protection behaviors;
Report HSE Condition to the Director Board weekly;
Communicate openly with our stakeholders and ensure an understanding of our HSE commitment and policies.

Protect our people's health, safety and security

Ensure sufficient labor security protections in our workshop(s) and sites;
Provide social & health insurance fees to all of our staff;
Acquire all required insurances for our staff and the third parties in case of incidents;
Organize and provide annual health examinations to all of our staff;
Eliminate all quality non-conformances;

Care for the environment

Recycle and minimize the amount of waste;
Use natural resources, energy and biodiversity efficiently;
Conserve the environment around our locations and in communities

There have been no serious injuries/accidents which are recorded during our fabrication & installation history since our establishment.

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